Update Log


Currently in the editing phase for my short video on the Croc series (same with Cotton). I'm editing this one in Sony Vegas which I've never used before so I'm learning how to use this program.
I started a new series of monthly posts titled Media Logs where I post my thoughts and experiences with media that I have consumed throughout the month. My first post for January 2024 is out.
I have made a return to streaming which is something I was doing back in 2022 but stopped at the beginning of 2023. I have a VOD up for my 100% Completion Run of Crash Bandicoot 1.
I also bought a new drawing tablet so I'm getting back into art again and trying to learn some new techniques so I'll be posting more artwork in the art section more frequently.


Cotton video has been in the editing phase and will release any week now.
The only obstacle is brute forcing my way through lots of tedious edits through an hour and half long video.
My short Croc series video is in it's writing phase and may or may not release before Cotton.
I am also deep diving into 16-bit racing games for another video.
I will return to more frequent streaming once the new year starts.


Cotton's script is almost done, it is about 55 minutes so far.
I have finished the hardest parts and the rest of the stuff I have to write for it will be a lot easier.
In the meantime, I got a boost of inspiration to make a small quick video about the Croc duology while playing through both of them recently and have managed to crank out most of the script already on my phone while at my day job so a small Croc video might happen before Cotton.
After both Croc and Cotton are out my Tekken 2 era video is gonna be my next main video project. I haven't written anything for that one yet but already have everything I'm going over in it lined up and have an idea for what I'm gonna do for it.
I will try to do some more streaming again once Cotton is out.


I am still putting together this site but for the time being most of my attention is focused on my first video which is a restrospective video digging into every piece of media in the Cotton franchise as well as all cameos she has made in other games.
All research has been concluded and the script is currently in it's final drafting phase.