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My name is Lydia and I'm a witch girl from the year 1991.
Welcome to my realm where I show you neat anime & video game stuff that I like.


05/12/2024: A lot of real life stuff happened since my last site update so I've been behind on media log posts and was too caught up emotionally to get much done with the two videos I'm editing. I am getting back on track though and no longer have much in the way for the time being. The Rainbow Cotton remaster also released recently and I did a stream for it a few days ago, The VOD is up here. My Cotton video is going to have a few portions that I'm gonna have to rewrite because of this remaster and the newly announced game Cotton Reboot! High Tension which I won't be covering in the video since I want it out before both that game and Rock n Roll 2 releases, it will get a mention at the end though.